Allowing rETH stakers to earn RPL

Hi everyone, I have a proposal that I would like to get feedback on and see what the community thinks.

As of right now, it looks like the reserve pool will be removed because of issues/concerns that have been brought up and addressed previously (link to more information below).

The problem with removing the reserve pool, however, is that it leaves non-node-operators (rETH stakers) with no opportunity to earn RPL, and therefore little to no voting power in the DAO.

While it makes sense to favor and reward node operators more heavily, I believe that rETH stakers should still have some voting power + a way to earn the governance token.

Allow rETH to be farmed/deposited into a contract that earns yield in DeFi + a portion of RPL inflation rewards.

That way, rETH stakers are able to capitalize from rETHs value in DeFi, while also being rewarded by the protocol and earning voting power.

I believe that it is important for rETH stakers to have voting power in the DAO, and ideally that their incentives are fully aligned.

Why reserve pools will likely be removed -

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Another idea could simply be to incentivize rETH pools with RPL

I like the idea behind this a lot – that rETH holders should be able to participate in protocol governance. As you’ve said, this is important so that their viewpoint is taken into account by the pDAO.

That said, I think it’s unnecessarily complicated to add staking or other schemes here. What about giving the rETH token voting powers, perhaps at a discount compared to RPL?