April 2023 GMC Call for Grant Applications - Deadline is April 15th

Grants Application


Karma delegate dashboard for Rocketpool contributors

What is the work being proposed?

We would like to build a custom delegate dashboard to potentially replace delegates rocketpool net. We have worked with a number of DAOs in the ecosystem and you can see delegate dashboards we have built on our site karmahq (unable to link to it because of forum restrictions).

Our dashboards can be used for:

  • Onboarding delegates (instead of using forum thread asking delegates to join)
  • Displays delegate activity stats across Snapshot voting, Forum, Discord and anything else you want to track
  • Integration with Snapshot delegation so RPL holders can find the ideal candidate and delegate their voting power

Example: https://delegate.gitcoin.co/

Is there any related work this builds off of?

We have already integrated with many DAOs and lot of that technology can be used for Rocket Pool DAO

Will the results of this project be entirely open source? If not, which parts will not be, why, and under what license will they be published?

Frontend is all open source. The backend code that integrates with various third party systems is not open source.

Benefits - enter N/A where appropriate

Below are a high level benefits of this dashboard:

  1. Provides more visibility to RPL token holders on who is active in governance.
  2. Helps RPL token holders find delegates to assign voting power further improving governance.
  3. Easy onboarding will encourage more delegates to join the DAO and contribute.
  4. Advanced stats helps hold delegates accountable.

Overall, having this visibility and making it easy to participate in governance will help the DAO become more decentralized and stronger.

How does this help people looking to stake ETH for rETH?


How does this help rETH holders?


How does this help people looking to run a Rocket Pool node for the first time?


How does this help people already running a Rocket Pool node?


How does this help the Rocket Pool community?

Karma can provide deeper insights into community member activity as described above. Apart from that, DAO can use this dashboard to identify active contributors and use that as criteria for GMC elections.

How does this help RPL holders?

It is in the best interest of RPL holders to assign their voting power to the most effective delegates. Our dashboard provides everything they need to do that which results in strengthening the DAO.

What other non-RPL protocols, DAOs, projects, or individuals, would stand to benefit from this grant?

All the features we build will be automatically useful to other DAOs using our dashboards.

Will the resulting project be open source?

Frontend is open source.


Mahesh Murthy (Founder of Karma)
Andre Mury (Full stack dev)
Arthur Ulhoa (Backend dev)
Amaury Maghales (Frontend dev)

Who is doing the work?

Our entire team will be involved in the project.

What is the background of the person(s) doing the work? What experience do they have with such projects in the past?

I, Mahesh Murthy is the founder of Karma. We have been working on this product and helping DAOs for more than a year. We have gained deeper insights into the workings of DAO and would like the opportunity to help RocketPool DAO improve their governance.

What is the breakdown of the proposed work, in terms of milestones and/or deadlines?

Milestone 1 (2 weeks)
Identify all the sources of integration (tracking) and agree on scoring logic with the RocketPool DAO. This will include Snapshot, Forum, Discord and anything else the DAO would like us to index.

Deliverable: Shared Doc with the outlined tracking and scoring requirements.

Milestone 2 (2 weeks)
Implementation of custom Dashboard that will allow delegates to sign up and add their info and token holders to delegate their tokens.

Deliverable: Handover of custom Dashboard including accountability thread in forum to update the community and collect feedback.

How is the work being tested? Is testing included in the schedule?

Testing is included in the schedule.

How will the work be maintained after delivery?

Even after delivery, we will be indexing data on a daily basis so the stats are current. We are adding features constantly to the dashboard all of which are included in the cost.

Payment and Verification

What is the acceptance criteria?

The dashboard will be implemented and hosted on subdomain of rocketpool.net. The team will test the onboarding flow and check the stats of delegates who are already active.

What is the proposed payment schedule for the grant? How much RPL and over what period of time is the applicant requesting?

The payment we request will cover the initial setup and maintenance of the dashboard data and additional features for a period of 1 year. Below is the proposed schedule with amount requested.

End of Milestone 1: 100 RPL
End of Milestone 2: 300 RPL

How will the GMC verify that the work’s deliveries match the proposed cadence?

Per the milestone details, we will present the document with all the details at the end of Milestone 1. At the end of Milestone 2, the product will be fully built and be visible on subdomain for everyone to see.

What alternatives or options have been considered in order to save costs for the proposed project?


Conflict of Interest

Does the person or persons proposing the grant have any conflicts of interest to disclose? (Please disclose here if you are a member of the GMC or if any member of the GMC would benefit directly financially from the grant).


Will the recipient of the grant, or any protocol or project in which the recipient has a vested interest (other than Rocket Pool), benefit financially if the grant is successful?


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