Bankless Q4 sponsorship proposal

I analyzed the Bankless media blitz here: Proposal to fund Bankless sponsorship(s) - #87 by peteris


I am against Bankless Q4 continuance as is arranged for Q3.

  • Channel has been saturated
  • New runs would be an attempt convert new Bankless viewers. Estimated Bankless viewer acquisition would be a key variable
  • Opposed to a media blitz as this would, on the surface, seem to target existing Bankless viewers with limited traction
  • Open to reasonable designs that consider the channel as saturated

I prefer the ~$78k/month be entrusted to Maverick through the end of this year and next to allow for the execution of nimble and timely promotion. An ideal is to have campaigns include multiple channels, varying audiences, and differing timings. This type of work and coordination is better executed at an agent level that reports to a committee, or team, than at a community voting level.

The funds would go further in reaching different audience via regular methods, and I suspect some less traditional means, if they are in Mav’s hands.

We have a new set of shoes that we did not have before, let’s use them.

I agree with the general sentiment of letting the marketing guy figure out the details of marketing . It’s my understanding that Maverick already has funds at his disposal:

Our new marketing and community manager will be given a budget from the dev wallet, which will complement the funds already being spent by the pDAO. We will work with the new marketing and community manager to determine what that budget should be - as we want to match it to the strategy they come up with.

I think pDAO should be open to supplement this funding, but I’d like to hear what dev wallet is spending here and why it’s not enough before pDAO adds more.