Beta rewards registration

Hi, I’ve asked on the discord a few times and not had an answer, I may have missed it but I can’t see how I register my node so I’m eligible for the beta rewards. Anyone know or has it not happened as yet?

someone correct me if im wrong, but rewards will be sent to your nodes address and your keys can be used to import the wallet in metamask and that would be how rewards are redeemed? unless they plan on in the future having some form you fill out with your personal MM address

Do you know anything about the staking rewards?

Bucket 1: Staking — 3,000 RPL

Users who try out tokenised staking via rETH on the website @ will receive a portion of this RPL, split equally among all unique participants.

Bucket 2: Node Operator Registration— 3,000 RPL

If you manage to set up and register a node in the Rocket Pool network, you’ll be entitled to your share of this bucket. We know it can be a bit of work getting nodes set up, and some might not be successful past this point, but hey, you put in a decent effort, so you should be rewarded.

Bucket 3: Minipool Validators —4,000 RPL

If you set up a node and register it with Rocket Pool, you’ll get some of the above bucket. But, not only that, if you create validators which run successfully, you’ll be awarded RPL from this bucket for each of them, proportional to the rewards they earned! They’ll need to have earned a positive amount of rewards by the end of the beta to be eligible.

Lots of info on what we can earn, not seen anything on how we claim it.

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