Community discussion of roadmap items

#trading is the soul of rocket pool, but to me it’s a rough place to discuss complicated topics like tokenomics. Conversations are often hard to follow in real time and harder to mine for information after the fact. I’m going to start a few threads in #research to consolidate discussions about certain roadmap items.

I’m choosing these three because I personally like 'em, they don’t require much in the way of technical innovation to enact in isolation, and groups of three are particularly harmonious.

I’d encourage others to do the same with roadmap topics of their choice, so that discussion can be focused and so that community members can be directed to review and decide for themselves rather than relying on others to summarize current thought trends.



Universal variable commission

At this stage, i don’t think discussions should be focused on approval or disapproval; instead I’d focus on questions like:

  1. What benefits do these upgrades bring?
  2. What are the risks that need to be addressed and what mitigation can be offered?
  3. What additional information/research do we need to make an informed decision?
  4. What systems do we need in place before launching?
  5. What variables need to be decided upon?