How to benefit from providing rETH Liquidity

Kind of coming in late on that topic. But would you care to explain in what scenarios staking on Balancer would be more profitable than staking on Aura ?

I guess holding veBAL (a substantial amount) would be one reason ? Due to the boosting of LP rewards.

As you say - being a big veBAL holder is when direct on balancer may be better.

FYI: there’s now a live, community-maintained document with defi opportunities at

This probably isn’t quite the place, I know I can check their discord and forum, and need to DMOR, but anyone have suggestions for the BAL and AURA received from Aura? I know with the Aura you can lock it and get auraBAL, but then not sure what to do with that. Same question with the BAL, but that I guess you can plow back into 80/20 BAL/WETH pool?

I have a couple of YT videos queued up, but if anyone has a good resource I’d appreciate any links or other suggestions.


I like to work with as few assets as possible to keep my life simple, so I’d prolly consolidate into rETH or a bigger LP position. My take is that if I wouldn’t choose to buy an asset, I won’t hold it just cuz I got it as an emission/airdrop.

If you want to be active in this space, also check out vlAURA which gets you a share of hidden hand bribes.

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