Introducing 0xACID

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Hi, this reads like a scam.

You offer higher APY without a source for them. You assert high liquidity without any backing for that.
You talk about LSDs, but specifically cite only wstETH (this is an RP discord).
You ask for an investment during a token sale.

Sorry! We are new project but definitely not scam. The Document is not yet finalize, so haven’t deploy on the website
Here is the link for doc

About the 10% ~30% yield
LSD assets can generate a base 5% apr Then we increase the return to around 10% through revolving lending and defi strategies, we can also generate income through lp and lending.

Assuming that only 50% of the people lock in their $acid positions, those who do not lock in their positions and only stake will not receive eth dividends but only $esacid

Then the eth apr is distributed to 50% of the people at 10% eth apr eth apr will increase to 20%

If more people lock their positions, then the price of $acid will go up because the liquidity is very low, and $esAcid converts to $acid for a higher return.

If there are fewer people in lockups, the eth apr distributed to those in lockups will be higher than 20%.

Sorry again for making you confused!

:thinking:still sounds like there’s not really actual additional revenue.

As described, you hit 10% via defi - that’s currently quite doable (though I’d prefer to do it myself instead of outsource it, personally).

Then you hit 20% because half the people essentially don’t get their ETH apr at all - this isn’t new revenue, it’s simply shifting the revenue that should go to 2 investors to 1. In your link, you also show a boost feature - the same logic applies, which is just that rewards are being concentrated to certain users.

Finally, you explain that $acid will be highly valuable if lots of people lock it up due to low liquidity. That doesn’t necessarily follow. Low liquidity makes for a lot of volatility, which helps if there’s rising demand but is equally damaging to price if there’s falling demand.

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We have updated our FAQ about the doc, hope it can answer your question!