Long-term vision and intent

I find myself wondering about the long term vision for Rocketpool. I understand that DAO governance has yet to be fully fleshed out, but I’m wondering if I can find out more about the intent…

  1. After all of Rocketpool’s current public-facing goals are achieved, is the intent that the contract upgrade keys will be burned and there will be an “exit to the community”?

  2. Are “trusted nodes” something will eventually be phased out? Or will they continue to exist over the long-term future of the pool?

  3. Will the approach to DAO design be to give it the minimum authority necessary to maintain the pool?


We’ve had excellent discussion related to this in the Discord #governance channel lately, but I would also like to see acknowledgement of this topic in a more formal fashion. The principals of RP as enumerated in the white paper align with this objective, so this seems very doable eventually.

I believe the next steps on the topic of a “community exit” are:

  1. Agree on what this means in totality. I see at least three topics for discussion:
  • Dissolution of the oDAO
  • Contract key burn
  • Github admin rights
  • Any others?
  1. Specify technical requirements as necessary. For the oDAO dissolution, this may require coordination with the EF for potential EIPs.
  • Submit RPIPs as necessary
  • Submit EIPs as necessary
  • Engage with EF as necessary
  • etc
  1. Creation of a public roadmap
  • Public commitment here will boost project legitimacy
  • Committing to specifics is helpful, but should be done carefully
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