March 1, 2023 GMC Treasurer Update

It’s been a few minutes since we had one of these. I made a bunch of changes to the way the GMC treasury sheet is set up. You can find it here. That should be a permanent link, with new sheets added to the overall documents in future months. I’ve shifted the document from being centered around RP reward periods (28 days) to calendar months. Yes, that will mean there is a month with two inflows from rewards, but since the GMC is pretty external-facing and many of our grant recipients are likely to work in generally-recognized units of time like months, it made sense to me. Joe (the other co-treasurer) or whoever might step into the co-treasurer role after me in a few weeks are very much welcome to re-orient the sheet however makes sense to them.

The headline numbers from the start of the GMC’s grant activities on February 1 are as follows:

Date: Funds at Start Actual Inflows Actual Outflows Funds at End Committed Future Funds as of the First Day of the Month:
March 1, 2023 45764.545 7490.95
February 1, 2023 45353.795 3224.8 2814.05 45764.545 0

That means that as of today the GMC has ~7500 RPL committed in future awards and ~38000 RPL to award.

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