Open sourcing the website

I would love to be able to contribute to the user-facing websites through things like translations and minor visual tweaks. I would suggest that the website:

  • have the source hosted on Github
  • have a CI deployment hosted on Github actions
  • have a file detailing what pull requests are welcome

This way non techies can make issues and the team still has final control over what gets merged and what does not.


Hey @mentor! That’s a good idea, I’ll need to find a bit of time just to tidy things up, then make the repo open source. For translations, I’d need to add in a Vuejs i18n component, then set it up so anyone can add additional translations that way (unless anyone else wants to do that too?).

This is def on our list though!


Allrighty, let me know once you found the time. I would offer to do is but my Vue skills are not on par with my React :slight_smile: