Proactive use of the Treasury

I would like to suggest the treasury be used to buy Swell.
To compete with Lido, I believe we must make acquisitions.
After this purchase I believe there are numerous other projects that would also increase Rocketpools market share.

This is a low quality post right now. It doesn’t have a clear ask or present reasoning about why it’s a good use of funds.

Assuming it were possible, which isn’t clear, what would be the benefit? Are you trying to increase liquid token market share - if so, what evidence is there that users would choose to use rETH? Are you trying to capture NOs? In that case wouldn’t it be easier to just allow unbonded minipools for our own allowlist (which we’ve previously been against)? Are you trying to capture brand/marketing? How would that even work? Multiple LSTs from the same group? Is there one underlying system or two?