rETH / Maker collateral application

If rETH is to function as a close representation of ETH, it is prudent to retain attendent utility such as the capability to interact with lending protocols.

For this reason I have initiated an application for MakerDAO to consider rETH as a collateral option on their platform. They require the submissions as a ‘Maker Improvement Proposal’ (MIP6) which you can see at the below link:

rETH collateral application for integration with Maker (MIP6)

Please feel free to let me know what if any changes should be made to the application.

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Progress is being made, our application has been entered into the official collateral framework for consideration.

A greenlight poll has been queued among 10 other tokens and we have been assigned value as a PR benefit to Maker protocol.

The risk team will review our application across a series of metrics and we will be assigned a green light score.

“stETH” the closest competitor to “rETH” was submitted on Dec 20th and has been greenlit, it’s priority is in the top 20 of 85 token applications.