Rocket Pool DAO Constitution

Should RP DAO adopt a constitution to describe our ideals and guide future actions?

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  • No, this is a waste of time

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The RP DAO Constitution proposed below is an attempt to capture the community ideology so as to inform future RP governance. This is currently a DRAFT and would need to be finalized before it’s officially adopted, presumably via the RPIP process, but I’m posting it here to gather feedback from the community first and foremost. The RP DAO must be a community effort and I encourage anyone and everyone to contribute your thoughts so this can truly be a collaborative document.

Below is the text which I originally drafted. It’s now been edited heavily with the help of @dEEtoo, @jasperthegovghost, @TQFT, and @TwoCanSpam. Thanks to everyone for the participation and effort on this so far!

There’s a Google Doc here: RP DAO Constitution - Google Docs

Everyone is welcome to comment on the doc, but please keep discussion either here or on this discord channel for the sake of my sanity :sweat_smile:

RP DAO Constitution

1. Primary Ideals: Decentralized, Trustless, Safe, Sustainable
Rocket Pool DAO Rocket Pool DAO WILL uphold the safety, sustainability, decentralization, and trustlessness of the Rocket Pool protocol and its public good dependencies such as Ethereum. To the furthest extent possible,  Rocket Pool DAO WILL NOT enact changes that contravene these primary ideals, even in service to our other values. If actions required to uphold these primary ideals are in conflict, making compromises necessary, such compromises MUST be as limited as possible.
2. Secondary Ideals: RPL Value and Efficiency
Rocket Pool DAO WILL strive to increase the overall security and efficiency of the protocol through maximizing the value of RPL. We WILL pursue any available options to further realize these goals, as long as it does not compromise our primary ideals.
3. Amendments and Governance Process
Rocket Pool Improvement Proposals (RPIPs) are the formal process for documenting changes to Rocket Pool. An RPIP MUST be "Finalized" before it is eligible for adoption. See RPIP-1 for more details.

Any changes to this constitution MUST also follow this process.
4. Definitions
- Decentralization means full transparency for all DAO operations, discussions, and decisions.
- Decentralization means evenly distributed power structures.
- Sustainability means the long-term health of the protocol and its token products.
- Trustlessness means any actor may participate in the protocol.
- Trustlessness means prioritizing non-custodial protocol mechanics.
- Safety means protecting protocol participants from harm.
- RPL Value means the fair market value of RPL relative to all other assets.
- Efficiency means the capital efficiency of protocol participation.
- Efficiency means the algorithmic efficiency of protocol computations.