Rocket Pool Data Dashboard

I’m Fullstack Software Developer and from recently - Rocket Pool minipool operator. As I was doing research for becoming validator i found that data about validators/rocket pool is many different places and hard to find. I suppose that those metrics can be very helpful for potential Rocket Pool validators/users.

I’m talking about metrics like:

  • RPL staked over time/ avergae RPL staked per minipool over time
  • % RPL staked over time
  • RPL minimum mcap per parameters after Shanghai - % ETH staked, % RPL staked, ETH required to set minipool, Rocket Pool staking share

So I propose that with my dev team of 3 I will create dashboard for those metrics.

This idea came from choosing how I want to stake ETH - and using Rocket Pool requires buying RPL - so easy accessible metrics may improve Rocket Pool adoption.

As soon as I see any interest in this topic i will create a proposal with exact description, final metrics, dev team description.

Hi there

Node Operators allready have access to a Grafana Dashboard which probably includes most of the things you mentioned?/want?

Link to the Docs:
Grafana Dashboard

Hi guziec. Please post all grant applications in this thread, using the application template provided there. Thank you!