September 1-9 2023 GMC Community Discussion of Submitted Applications


I want to opine that @yokem’s work is quite valuable. I’m working with ramana on mev theft. This data would allow us to better analyze what is a vanilla block (right now it’s just RP approved relay or not). A “second opinion” would also be inherently valuable. The archiving function is also important - bloxroute has stopped providing bids on their relays back far enough, and their ethical relay no longer has either bids or actual rewards.

@yokem - I would suggest getting rid of the “rocket” in the name and applying on gitcoin as well - this is an RP good but also an Ethereum good. I could imagine Lido chipping in too.


As I commented last time, I think RP should not pay for this unless we believe it presents a significant value to RP. Last time I asked, the response was essentially mathematical beauty: If there are new reasons, would love to have those highlighted.