2023-10 GMC Nomination Thread

This thread serves to collect nominations for the election of nine newly appointed GMC members. The new roster will go into effect around November 1.

What GMC Members Will Do

  1. Thoughtful Evaluation: Evaluate grant proposals meticulously, ensuring that incoming applications contribute significantly to the growth of the Rocket Pool’s ecosystem.
  2. Collaborative Decision-Making: Work closely with fellow committee members to collectively finalize decisions on grant proposals, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for informed choices.
  3. Expert Facilitation: Negotiate with applicants, assisting in the restructuring of project scopes and the establishment of achievable milestones, ensuring projects align with the network’s objectives.
  4. Quality Assurance: Upon request from the admin, verify that project objectives have been met and assess if acceptance criteria have been fulfilled.
  5. Active Participation: Attend award discussions, retrospectives, and general meetings, actively engaging in meaningful discussions.
  6. Governance Voting: Actively participate in voting processes related to internal adjustments, contributing your perspective as the GMC evolves and optimizes itself.
  7. Financial Verification: Verify payment amounts, verify payment addresses, and sign transactions.

Expected Time Commitment

There is an expected time commitment of 3 to 4 hours per week. Demand can vary at times. Please only apply if you have the availability for it.

Here’s what a month in the GMC can look like:

  • Example of an awards period:

    • Application Period (October 8th - November 11th)
    • Application Discussion Meetings - one for each subcommittee (November 12th - November 15th)
    • Negotiation Period (November 16th - November 20th)
    • Scoring Deadline (November 21st)
    • Final Voting Amendments, Discussion and Finalization (November 22nd - November 25th)
    • Award Announcement (November 26th)
  • Attendance of two 1-hour meetings per month.

  • Discussing, negotiating, and deliberating on 3 - 7 applications per month.

  • Discussing and voting on around 2 - 5 process changes per month.

  • Verifying payment addresses and transactions for around 30 minutes per month.

Note that these are all averages and can fluctuate.

Here’s a look at the month of September:

The introduction of subcommittees has empowered committee members to specialize in specific areas. In the past, members were expected to have a broad understanding of all systems. Now, knowledge can be more focused. The current subcommittees include:

  • Development: focusing on tools built on top of the protocol, such as Rocket Scan, RescueNode, RocketWatch, etc.
  • Research: dedicated to research papers, governance writing, etc.
  • Marketing: creating educational content, videos, graphics, etc.

Current Roster Member Activity
Below is a document that highlights contributions, attendance, voting decisions, etc for the current roster.

How To Nominate

Per RPIP-10 (RPIPs/RPIP-10.md at main · rocket-pool/RPIPs · GitHub 26), this thread will be live at least 5 days.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves
  • Anyone who is currently a GMC member or previously a GMC member can be nominated again
  • Anyone can remove themselves from consideration simply by saying so
  • After 5 days, there will be a “this thread is closed” comment, and the final list will then be generated

If you are nominated and don’t remove yourself from consideration, please read the “Nominee information sharing” section of RPIP-10 so you can be ready to provide your statements. It is also recommended to choose a subcommittee you are interested in.


I’ll start by nominating a few current members who have recently signaled their intention to run again:

  • @Dondochaka : Dedicated to expanding the GMC’s scope beyond reviewing applications, aiming to maximize GMC effectiveness.
  • @jcrtp : Our valuable link to the team, diligently reviewing detailed technical applications and contributing to a lot of the process development.
  • @rplmaxi.eth : Stepped up during busy periods, actively participating in application discussions, negotiations, and meetings.
  • @waqwaqattack : A strong contributor and responsive member in the GMC, staying up to date on all things Rocket Pool with his Rocket Fuel experience.

While I could praise numerous other members not mentioned here, these individuals have confidently expressed their intent to run again, as discussed during our recent meeting.


Thank you for the nomination. I accept. I am eager to make the GMC even better in the coming year and build on the work we have all done - especially you, Shfryn!


Thank you for the nomination @ShfRyn. I accept as well.
I‘m really looking forward to implement all of the exiting changes we‘ve been able to come to consensus to in the last months and serve the pDAO for another term.


As far as bringing on new talent that can increase the effectiveness of individual subcommittees, I nominate the following:

Development: @Patches Exceptional technical understanding of the Rocket Pool protocol. Invaluable contributions such as the RescueNode.

Research: @drdoofus One of the most active forum users with a strong track record in partnership initiatives.

Marketing: @FeelingoodFeelingrt Committed contributor working on carving out a niche for Rocket Pool’s DeFi presence.


I appreciate the nom but for the time being prefer to assist the GMC in whatever ways I can, but from the outside.


Gonna nominate a number of technicalish folks in case they’re up for it: @peteris @fornax @poupas @Invis @sckuzzle @Pieter @epineph


Thank you for the nomination but I decline.


Thank you, Val for the nomination <3 My time is very limited right now and I can’t accept.


I nominate @Destroyaaa.

He demonstrated his enthusiasm on Discord and was among the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly at ETH Denver.


Thank you for the nomination @ShfRyn. I accept


Nominating a couple more, this time thinking more of community depth: @lookingforowls @find_your_moon


I would like to nominate myself for re-election. I believe there is still substantial and rewarding work to continue in the early development and genesis of the GMC procedures.


Thanks @ShfRyn, I accept the nomination to keep on keeping on.


I sadly have to decline my nomination due to meat space related time constraints. Maybe in the next round


I’ve been on the forum for 2 years, and posted more than a hundred times. My most liked post to date has been when I decided not to run for the GMC last cycle. So it is with heavy heart that I accept this nomination, knowing that declining could have brought joy to many.


I nominate @rocknet - the GMC could use his dev expertise.


I accept this nomination and will have the time in the coming months. Thanks @Valdorff


Thanks @ShfRyn for the nomination. Would be happy to serve if elected.


Thanks for the nomination, I appreciate it. However, I can’t dedicate the time regularly, so wouldn’t be a good match unfortunately.