Advertising RocketPool on r/Cryptocurrency

r/Cryptocurrency is now enabling renting the upper banner by burning 5-6k Moons per 24 hours.

We can be the first to rent the banner and gain most of the hype.

Ads blocks cant block this banner.

There is only 1 banner that all the projects will “fight” for.

r/Cryptocurrency is the biggest crypto community (est 2013) on the Internet with over 6 million subscribers and thousands of active members at any moment.

I think to buy the banner someone need to contact r/Cryptocurrency mods, send them the banner for review and then burn Moons.

I calculated it cost about 12,000$ In Moons to rent the banner for the whole month! This is super cheap for the organic and unique exposure


Outreach on Reddit is an important tool and agree should be part of our marketing strategy. The channel, r/CryptoCurrency has 6+ million subscribers however only 6k online today. I think it makes sense to target this channel in the future once LEB8s create an rEth shortage to maximize our dollars. Wouldn’t be against entertaining this idea earlier.

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