Anisoptera.eth Joins The GMC

We are thrilled to announce that anisoptera.eth has joined the GMC. This change to our team comes as Kevster has requested to step down from his position due to personal reasons.

As we bid farewell to Kevster, we express our gratitude for the valuable contributions made during their tenure. We understand and respect the decision to prioritize personal well-being, and our thoughts are with them during this time.

In accordance with RPIP-10:

If a vacancy occurs within six months of the previous selection, the next highest vote recipient from the previous election SHALL be offered the seat, with the MC going down the list of vote-receiving nominees until the position is filled.
The offered seat SHOULD be accepted or rejected within 1 week; if it is rejected, or there is no response, the MC SHALL continue down the list.

We extend a warm welcome to anisoptera.eth and express our gratitude for accepting this position.


Congrats @anisoptera!

Made a PR (link) to reflect the change in Github in anticipation of it being helpful :slight_smile:

(if this adds more work please let me know, we were just discussing @Valdorff’s last last update to the formatting with @LongForWisdom so it was fresh on our mind)