BA032303 Bounty Submission (Updating RP docs / website)

@harpocryptes has been working on updates to the RP documentation and website, in scope for bounty BA032303. harpocryptes has been keeping track of what he did here:

Harpocrytes had two of his pull requests for the documentation successfully merged by Nick. Currently, there’s one more PR that he recently opened. Additionally, Harpocrytes took the initiative to address inconsistencies in the smartnode, even though it wasn’t directly within the bounty’s scope. Valdorff suggested updating references to outdated eth1/eth2 terms, prompting Harpocrytes to make necessary adjustments in the smartnode to ensure coherence.

Moreover, Harpocrytes submitted a few valuable suggestions related to the website.

Given the progress made so far, the GMC asks are there any further suggestions from the community in the scope of this bounty?

The bounty will remain active for one month from today, and will close November 8, 2023 at 23:59 UTC. Any new submissions shall be posted in the section below. After this period, contributors will be acknowledged only for identifying new, previously unreported issues. The GMC will assess each entity’s contributions based on the issues they have been credited with. The total payout for this bounty is set at $1,000.

I’d recommend we remove references throughout the docs to the Prater and Goerli testnets.

Thanks for catching that @Pat_The_Weekly_Orbit

I’ve submitted a pull request for it.

The GMC will add this bounty to the upcoming payment cycle. They will confirm payment details and contributions shortly.