[Bankless Academy] Staking on Ethereum lesson w/ Rocket Pool

Hello Rocket Pool community :astronaut: :rocket:

As part of Bankless Academy’s Round 6 commitment to Rocket Pool, we’re releasing the [BETA] version of the “Staking on Ethereum” lesson for community testing.

You can take the lesson, with early concept illustrations, and claim your badge here:

We’re looking for feedback over the next 48h, so that we can polish things up, catch any mistakes, finalise illustrations, and get ready for next week’s official launch. You can share general thoughts here in the thread, or for more specific feedback you can jump into the lesson’s Notion document by connecting your wallet and hitting “Suggest Changes”.

I look forward to hearing from you. :raised_hands: We’re relying on you, the most informed on the topic of staking at Rocket Pool, to help with any pre-launch adjustments!


What? Blockbuilding just magically happens and then a validator gets the reward instead of the proposer?

I mean, sure, you want to make it easy. But this hides too much. IMO, you need to differentiate between locally built block and relay/builder usage and between proposing and validating.

By using “staker” and “validator” interchangeably and generalizing “proposer” into “validator”, you add to the confusion that is already here.

Staker used to be a validator. However, it’s now widely accepted that “staker” is somebody who does liquid staking. So it would be better to stick with this understanding. And if you’re not explaining the difference between the builder, the proposer and the validators, we will have another awkward misuse of once well defined words.

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This is the first of 8 lessons, correct?

GMC paid $18k/8 = $2,250 for this