Best place to use rETH / ETH price valuation

Hey guys,
I’m curious to know if I were staking ETH via the ETH to rETH swap via Balancer, where is the best place for me to see what the current valuation is for the conversion? I’ve seen mixed answers on the web and was hoping to get a more official response here on rocketpool. Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure the /ratio bot in discord is the place to go. Use it in #random.

That said, if you want to mint rETH at the protocol rate, use the rocketpool website. Also, dex aggregators like cow swap will give you the best price, including minting it directly.

Actually, /lsd-price is a good bot too.

Hah I have no idea how to do that. I’ve never used Discord. Any direction on where I can learn to do that?

Setup a Discord account. Then click here to join Rocket Pool discord:

Come into general or trading channel (where the action is) and ask how to use the ratio bot. Someone will be more than happy to help.

Another option that doesn’t require using an untrusted third party discord bot made by a sketchy community member is checking the Exchange Rate line in This gives you the official exchange rate, if you want the market rate you can use a dex aggregator such as 1inch or CoW swap.

(The /ratio command uses the market rate from 1inch oracle, /lsd-price gives you both market and official rate)