Can't join Discord server

Same here for me, without any kick message though, is there a workaround?

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Can’t join the Discord. User name _cyberhorse. Who should I talk to?

I have the same issue. An attempt to join the server just occasionally flashes the server icon and then it disappears with no messages. Usually after the captcha prompt.

Any help appreciated. My user name is metsuri.2

Hey @metsuri, yes I can see a few join attempts in the server logs. To view and pass the captcha you need to have DMs and image previews enabled in your Discord settings. If no luck after that, you’ll need to get in touch with me directly via DM to coordinate with the Discord mod to turn off the bot filter and let you in. My telegram username can be found above or my discord username is now mavericknz. But be careful of anyone who contacts you first offering “help”!

Hi, thanks for a quick response. I have DM’s and previews allowed as far as I see. I’ll reach you with a PM.

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