Can't join Discord server


I am having trouble joining your Discord server and couldn’t find any other channel to contact you for support.

I am getting message:

You have been kicked! in Rocket Pool!
Member: saarkagan#4882 [952785920183111761]
Reason: Account Suspicious.

Would appreciate anyone’s help in resolving this.



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Hey there, please try joining again and let me know how you get on

I’m in. Thanks to your help.

Hi there.

I am having the same issue.


Hey rocket community, having the same issue as well, could you pls allow me to join? my handle is:

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@maverick see above cry for halp

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ty @Valdorff can you help @maverick ?

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Hey sorry do you still need a hand? Drop me a DM on Discord (Nick Ashley#3797)

I have the same issue, my discord ID is Alexramirez#7730
I want to contact rocketpool’s business development team regard a collaboration.

DM maverick from the comment above

I can not find the mentioned ID on Discord. I tried it in different ways.

Hey there, I tried to send you a friend request but can’t find you on Discord. Did you try to add me? Nick Ashley#3797

Hello Nick,
Hope you are doing great

Thanks for reaching out, I can not find you. Just tried once again. Actually I want to discuss a potential collaboration with Rocket Pool. Is it alright to share it with you?

Sure - you can also try telegram: @nickashley