Community Led Website

Hi all,

A website refresh has been a major talking point of this community for some time now. It came up recently on a community call that the team has website design changes in the works. This is amazing news and I can’t wait for the results. However, with Atlas and withdrawals looming, likely one of the biggest events in Rocket Pool’s future - I believe it is time to bring attention to a community driven website again - or at the very least - leverage the skills of the members in the community.

I run an online marketing company that specializes in website design, website development and SEO. I have over 10+ full-time employees with thousands of dollars of monthly expenses that go towards applications and softwares for design and marketing. I want to extend my resources to the protocol as much as possible.

Here are some ideas I have designed to show you what a new website could look like. These are fully layered PSDs. I have personally built and managed the development of dozens of websites like this:

With limited personnel - the team has to focus on the development and strength of the protocol. However, myself and other members of the community can provide a positive enhancement to our brand and identity without getting in the way.


Some previous discussion:

Also note community members own and

I’m in favor. As long as @sleety is involved, too, since he’s been pushing hard for a branding overhaul, too.

100% - I think sleety has a much better talent than me for illustrations and animations. All of his mockups and prototypes of Rocket Pool branding are top-notch.

I hope the new website will look somehow like your proposal; the current design needs getting used to, which isn’t favorable.

As you mentioned, the website is getting a refresh. Nick is working on it as we speak. The refresh is not predominately orange as with the current site. Orange is reserved as the accent colour. Along with the refresh is a content update and restructure to ensure we capitalise on Shapella interest and present our offering effectively.

Once we have some solid designs we can start sharing with the community.


The biggest advantage in my mind of a community-led frontend over and above the refresh the team is working on is that the community-led one can be open-source. I would advocate for multiple frontends to appeal to different people. The transparency that comes from open-sourcing the website is very important for safety.