DAOsign Grant Proposal


Why is this important for RP?
DAOsign addresses the need for a secure and transparent way to sign, manage and automate agreements of all kinds with a configurable level of anonymity disclosure. Our tool can be important for Rocket Pool by providing a secure and efficient way to execute agreements within the network. It enhances the functionality and usability of Rocket Pool by enabling users to create, manage, and enforce agreements related to staking and decentralized finance (DeFi) activities. DAOsign streamlines the process, enhances transparency, and reduces reliance on intermediaries, ultimately strengthening the overall experience and value proposition of Rocket Pool for its users.

Full Description
DAOsign offers a decentralized, cryptographic solution that allows DAOs to create, sign, and verify agreements with authorized proofs-of-signature, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of their contracts.
With our platform’s extensible Agreement Management System, workstream automation, and Smart Contracts integration, as well as our flexible Signer Identity Verification System and NFT-based Signer Authority Verification System, DAOsign provides a reliable and efficient way for DAOs to manage their agreements.
DAOsign combines proof-of-agreement, proof-of-signature, and proof of authority into a publicly verifiable cryptographic proof enabling secure, transparent, and automated processing of complex agreements and smart contracts.

Estimated cost (denominated in RPL)
We would like to have a grant for one of our milestones - MVP on Testnet + Mainnet - $50 000

Can you explain how this applies to Rocket Pool? What would be an example of how we would use it to replace things we are doing right now and in what way is it better?


Hello, @knoshua ! Sorry for the delayed answer. Please, read our explanation on why our tool can be in need for Rocket Pool here:

We believe that DAOsign directly aligns with Rocket Pool’s mission of revolutionizing the decentralized staking industry. As Rocket Pool is deeply involved in DeFi and blockchain ecosystems, our tool will serve as a critical catalyst for enhancing Rocket Pool’s operations and community engagement.

An illustrative example of its application within Rocket Pool could be the governance and collaboration processes. Currently, Rocket Pool might rely on manual, time-consuming methods for drafting, approving, and executing agreements with its stakeholders. Our tool, however, streamlines this process by automating the creation of agreements, securely handling digital signatures, and maintaining an immutable record of all transactions on the blockchain.

This transformative shift saves time and ensures accuracy, transparency, and security in Rocket Pool’s dealings. By replacing manual processes, our tool empowers Rocket Pool to focus more on its core staking offerings, strategic partnerships, and innovations.

Use case:

Can you give an example of any instance when this has happened at RP that would have been faster or easier?

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Sure @Valdorff

Let’s consider a scenario where Rocket Pool is joining forces with a DeFi partner. Currently, getting all the agreement details sorted out can take a while due to manual processes. But picture this: with our agreement-signing tool, you’d be zipping through the process. Drafting, approvals, and signatures could happen in a jiffy, ensuring that your exciting partnerships take off without any delays. It’s like having a digital partner by your side, making things faster, smoother, and hassle-free!

We’d be happy to do a presentation of these use cases together with the demo of the latest DAOsign version if you’re interested. How does it sound to you? Would you be available for a call with our team later this week?

I’m saying I’m unfamiliar with any cases like that at RP. By far most of the time is spent on figuring out details, not in executing them.

I believe it is. Indeed, the purpose of DAOsign is to simplify the execution and post-execution stage activities, and in my previous message, I described possible use cases. Nevertheless, you are definitely more familiar with the current RP needs and I assume that the suggested use - cases might not be a top priority for you.

In case you feel like DAOsign still might be useful for you ( for example, our embedded AI - generator for all kinds of agreements seems like a perfect match for the needs you described above), here’s my calendly for your convenience: Calendly - Tetiana Riabova
I and my team would be happy to jump on a call with you and discuss how our tool can help you to simplify the workflow