Dr Doofus Joins the GMC

The GMC is excited to announce that @drdoofus has joined the GMC. This change to our team is a result of @FeelingoodFeelingrt (KentPhilly)'s decision to step down from his position due to a new full-time job that will require more of his time. KentPhilly has committed to continuing his excellent contributions until the end of the current round. Despite stepping back, KentPhilly remains a devoted RPL super fan and assures us that he will continue to offer his support to the best of his abilities.

The GMC expresses gratitude to KentPhilly for his energy and contributions thus far and looks forward to seeing him remain a positive influence within the community.

In accordance with RPIP-10:

If a vacancy occurs within six months of the previous selection, the next highest vote recipient from the previous election SHALL be offered the seat, with the MC going down the list of vote-receiving nominees until the position is filled.
The offered seat SHOULD be accepted or rejected within 1 week; if it is rejected, or there is no response, the MC SHALL continue down the list.

The GMC warmly welcomes Dr. Doofus, a distinguished member of the Rocket Pool community, and express their gratitude for accepting this position.


@drdoofus Could you please comment confirming the address you’ll be using as a signer? Bonus points if you comment in the discord thread too. Just confirms we have the right person in control.

Sure, signing address: 0x3c0e8b2D6936C4dAFE1324A3EeCd1ed44b78B9f4

People can send money there, too.

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