ETH to rETH - Is it considered a disposal and thus a taxable event?

I have ETH on a cold wallet that I’m considering staking with RocketPool.

I’m UK-based, but I imagine this question is relevant to many other jurisdictions:

Does converting my ETH to rETH trigger a tax event due to disposal? - Meaning will I have to pay the capital gains tax on the profit I’ve made on my ETH so far?

For reference, in the UK it is stated:

  1. Disposal: When you exchange ETH for any other coin, it is treated as if you are ‘disposing’ of your ETH. This means you are potentially realizing any gains (or losses) that have accrued since you originally acquired the ETH.

RETH is a different token so you will have disposed of your ETH which results in a capital gain or loss as the case may be.