Ethereum Protocol Security Bug Bounty

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is inviting sponsors to support the reward pool for the four week long Ethereum Attackathon. This event aims to enhance the security of the Ethereum protocol by organizing the largest crowdsourced security audit competition. The goal is to raise over $2 million, with $500,000 already committed.

What is an Attackathon?
An Attackathon is a comprehensive event involving three phases:

Pre-Attackathon :
Participants undergo a detailed education program about the protocol’s code through live technical sessions and content from Attackathon Academy.
During the Attackathon: Security researchers hunt for vulnerabilities in the code based on specific rules. Only impactful reports that meet the criteria are rewarded.

projects can contribute any figure although at $100k and $250k there are some perks.

Key dates include:

July 8-11: EthCC program announcement and sponsor reveal.
Early August: Detailed program announcement and education kickoff.
August 3rd Week: Attackathon hunting begins.
September 4th Week: Attackathon concludes and results compilation begins.
November 9-17: Results announced at Devcon.

Let me know if RP is interested.


Post it here: Round 14 - GMC Call for Grant Applications - Deadline is July 7