Fiat ramp integration

Hi all,

Would the team be interested in integrating a fiat ramp? If yes, I would like to share some additional details, or you can DM me, thanks

Hey there, regulatory considerations mean that such an integration isn’t possible right now unfortunately.

Hi there, thanks for the response. Actually, this might not be the case for us. Nash has been quietly building since 2017 and we obtained licenses no competitors can match. We registered our coin as a security back in 2018 (one of the world’s first).
We are licensed by FMA of Liechtenstein and registered by De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) which enabled us to offer the first ever crypto IBAN with real (native) euro. This process took several years and huge resources but we are proud to be able to offer a safe, fast (instant), regulatory-compliant fiat ramp for EU and EEA.

We can absolutely guarantee that working with us is 100% regulatory compliant. If you want I can arrange a call with our head bizdev so you can hear us out, ask any questions and decide for yourself.

Please DM me for such a request.

The concern isn’t whether the ramp itself is compliant, but how such an integration could reflect on Rocket Pool. Unfortunately it’s just a risk not worth taking in the current environment sorry.

OK, let’s catch up in 6-12 months and see if things change. Good luck with the project guys!