Fireblocks - Institutional Custodial Questions


i migrated my eth to stake rETH with Fireblocks with is not self custody but an institutional grade custody provder so sometimes things are different there so just sanity checking here :slight_smile:

Q1: do i need to actively claim staked rewards or are they just distributed - is there a place I can put a URL in and see rewards accruing?

Q2: I notice some ‘pool rewards’ type tokens - are these claimable via Fireblocks?

Q3; Airdrops like Starknet - again on Fireblocks are these distributed with wallets on Fireblocks



Q1: No, rETH is a value-accruing token, meaning you don’t get more of it but it’s worth more ETH the longer you hold it. So, just use any rETH-ETH price indicator to figure out how much worth they are now.

Q2: Not sure what you mean here. Your rETH gets valuabler over time. That’s it, no other tokens at play.

Q3: That’s a question you very much need to ask Fireblocks.

thanks for the reply!

Q1; ah ok - so rETH to ETH price is 1.105696 today - so therefore 1 rETH is worth 1.105696 to ETH right like 10% higher?

on Q2 - these must be just spam tokens then.

thanks for the quick reply!