GMC 2023/11/01-2023/11/28 Treasury Report

Hello everyone. The GMC has received one inflation payment this period for 2,727,52 RPL. This was the second month the GMC converted 20% of their inflation payment to LUSD. Read about the treasury diversity decision here.

Here is a link to the treasury sheet - GMC Treasury Sheet - Google Sheets

The headline numbers from the GMC’s activity in November are as follows:

RPL Funds at Start RPL Inflows RPL Payments RPL Diversification (LUSD) RPL Outflows (Total) RPL Funds at End
46294.67 2,727.52 1,134.00 545.50 1,679.50 47277.46
LUSD Funds at Start LUSD Inflows LUSD Outflows LUSD Funds at End
10531.92 15,414.91 0 25,946.83

The GMC paid for 8 grants, 2 bounties, and 1 retrospective award in November.