GMC 2024/04/01 - 2024/04/30 Treasury Report

The GMC just wrapped up round 11, and payments went out for Round 10’s retrospective awards and ongoing grants.

Here is a link to the treasury sheet - GMC Treasury Sheet - Google Sheets

Funds at Start Inflows Payments Diversification (LUSD) Outflows (Total) Funds at End
58,268.74 4,257.72 5,600.11 814.56 6,414.67 56,926.36
LUSD Funds at Start LUSD Inflows LUSD Payments LUSD Funds at End
103,991.61 16,359.96 23,000.00 97,351.57

On the topic of RPL price calculation, the GMC is currently voting on the following proposal:

Award amounts for grants, bounties, and retrospective awards will be denominated in USD. RPL amounts will no longer be price locked at the time of award for grants and bounties. The GMC will take into account the requested token on the original application but ultimately has discretion on whether or not to pay with RPL or LUSD at the time of payment. For RPL calculations, the value of RPL will be assessed on the 13th of the month at 0:00 UTC from CoinGecko and rounded to the nearest RPL.

Grants awarded prior to Tuesday, May 7, 2024 4:30 PM will not be effected.

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