GMC Year 2 Roster and Operating Procedures

Hello all,

After an extremely exciting day of price action for the RPL token, I’m happy to announce the new roster of nine GMC members selected by this snapshot vote [link], that was in accordance with the rules outlined in RPIP-26 [link].

The new roster as of November 10, 2023 is:

  • jcrtp
  • ken
  • waqwaqattack
  • lookingforowls
  • FeelingoodFeelingrt (KentPhilly)
  • epineph
  • Dondochaka
  • rplmaxi.eth
  • rocknet

Congratulations to these new members, and a special thanks for them stepping up to contribute to the GMC and the protocol.

Along with appointing a new roster, the GMC is now making their operating procedures document public to the community: