Governance Nerds Incoming

Hey there, RocketPool community!

I’m prose11, but you can call me Payton or Prose, whatever feels most normal to you. I’m writing on behalf of GovAlpha, a team of seasoned Governance Facilitators from MakerDAO. With our commitments to MakerDAO winding down, we have started focusing on RocketPool as an important protocol for securing DeFi, and where we might be able to contribute. We see immense potential in collaborating with you to advance robust governance that encourages node operator participation.

I’ve been a bit of a governance nerd all my life (this DAO Governance Collective Talk might help you get to know me) and can’t imagine being anywhere else than the DeFi Governance space right now. This post is to introduce GovAlpha as we search for meaningful work beyond Maker - :wave: from @prose11 @LongForWisdom @Patrick_J.

I’ll try to save most of the business talk for a future date but wanted to present our initial idea of starting with a comprehensive “Scope of Governance” document. I find it helpful to think of this document as something of a boardgame rules book for what can be done in RocketPool and what the goals of the players (DAOs) are. This document will drive our understanding of the protocol, but will also be made to be useful for public consumption.

We have no expectation of compensation for this endeavor, for all you know we’re the products of Maker nepotism and won’t be able to apply our experience elsewhere. I think any time spent with the team will quickly eliminate that fear, but happy to put my labor where my mouth is.

So don’t be surprised if you see some questions and pull requests from us as we build up a better understanding of your protocol. Luckily we have a node operator in our midst so we’re cooking with gas :slightly_smiling_face: .

I eagerly await your feedback and look forward to joining your vibrant community.




So, I’m LongForWisdom (‘LFW’ or ‘Long’ for short). I’ve worked at MakerDAO for the last while doing governance work. Contributions vary from some really cringe initial attempts at organizing, to contributing to the first improvement proposals, to becoming a Governance Facilitator and running the Governance Core Unit.

Tl;dr is I did a bunch of governance stuff from the early days when the Maker Foundation still existed and prior to the launch of multi-collateral Dai, right up to now. I worked with Payton and Patrick at Maker, and I think they’re both great people.

Governance here looks interesting (currently separate DAOs, limiting governance to nodes, root function, etc), and Rocketpool itself feels like a worthwhile protocol to support. I’d like to spend some time contributing here with you all. I don’t understand the Rocketpool protocol or its governance very completely yet. That should change over the next while and I’ll likely be asking a lot of questions. Thanks to those that have already been helping answer them. Working through all that will feed into that scope of governance document that Payton mentioned.

I believe I can provide value by doing governance work here, and it would be nice to be able to justify that time over the longer term. That said, Maker is extremely fortunate to have significant income ultimately derived from the demand to hold Dai. I’m aware Rocketpool doesn’t have the same level of resources to draw upon.

At some point, we’ll post something in more detail with some possible areas of improvement for Rocketpool’s governance structures and processes. I want to make sure we’re not over-fitting solutions that existed in Maker though, so it will take some consideration before we get there.

Please feel free to get in touch (forum/discord) if you know a bunch about how Rocketpool works and are willing to entertain questions.