Grant Request for Stereum - Rocketpool Integration

The Stereum team, part of the Rocklogic GmbH, formally requests a grant from the Rocketpool community to fund our efforts to develop, implement and maintain a RP Node Provider service in the next 6 months.

Why is this important for RP?

Our main goal is to offer an additional way to set up & maintain a Rocketpool Node - besides other Ethereum services like execution/consensus clients, SSV clients, etc. This would enable the Rocketpool community to gain an additional avenue to set up the PRL protocol and would align with the decentralization efforts of Rocketpool as a whole.
On top of this, we are pretty good at breaking things, meaning if we should stumble across an obscure problem of any kind, we will support the Rocketpool team in identifying and fixing it.

Full Description

Stereum is a free to use Open Source Ethereum Node Setup.

The general feature set includes:
(incomplete list, for more information visit: stereum - stereum ethereum node setup)

  • UI to lessen the technical burden & quickly install and configure an Ethereum node, being able to choose from 4 consensus clients and of course Geth.
  • UI to handle the configuration of said node, including monitoring (Grafana + dashboards), basic OS maintainance and config import/export (encrypted).
  • Supports use of multiple beacon nodes & failover execution client functionality (use multiple execution client node urls, organize by priority)
  • OpenSource!
  • A companion mobile app, that we are planning to build out with 2.0, the “Stereum Node Monitor”, which enables the Node owner to create multiple different notifications (e.g. alerts) using grafana and receive the alerts in real-time on the paired smart phone.
  • Short release cycle of 2 weeks (critical fixes get released faster of course).

Joining this list of functionalities, the 2.0 version of Stereum - the Stereum Node Manager, which is currently in development, will feature:

  • New Backend Architecture - Setup on a service-basis, not a use-case basis. Right now it’s only possible to choose from predefined docker-compose with minimal customization, Stereum 2.0 makes it possible to select all services independently and also provide users with recommended setups with preselected services depending on the user’s use-case.
  • UI Rework - capturing Ethereum’s modularity, supporting all kind of node configuration, with plans of touchscreen compatibility!
  • Extended Execution Client support - integrate 2 out of the 4, making it a total of 3 (including geth) supported execution clients on Stereum.
  • Client Switch - Seamless & simple way to switch between clients in case of client diversity issues/client network issues/client bugs.
  • Network Switch - lets the user experience the benefits of staking on testnet and when feeling confident enough switch to mainnet with the same settings (Graffiti, linked mobile phone, etc.).
  • Express Installation - Enable the user to select the use-case of the node at time of setup, which is currently split up in
    • Staking
    • Blox’s SSV

Based on this the Stereum team wants to offer to the Rocketpool community:

  • Rocketpool express installation with customization options which come with Stereum 2.0. Automated setup process of eth execution client, eth consenus client & Rocketpool smart node stack within Stereum with UI Wizard & UI Control Center

  • Adapting to new versions & features of Rocketpool

  • Add Rocketpool Grafana dashboards to view metrics of Rocketpool

  • Rocketpool-themed UI in Stereum abstracting Rocketpool management options:

  • Support Service Commands, Node Commands & Minipool Commands with the UI

  • Support Minipool Management:

    • Loading Node Wallet using Stereum app
      (interacting with smart contract via wallet connectors)
    • Change Withdrawal Address
    • Claiming RPL
    • Migrate Minipool
    • Include in Stereum’s config import/export process
    • Vanity Customization
  • Overview of staking information of the minipool with various information (depending on availability of API)

  • Support on Discord to Stereum users running Rocketpool

  • Support of testnet of Rocketpool

  • Benefits of future Stereum features & releases

  • Stereum “Rocketpool” Setup & Maintenance Instruction in Stereum & YouTube,

Estimated cost (denominated in RPL)

3251 RPL


We had fun talking to Rocketpool Node Operators at DevConnect in Amsterdam!
From our team presenting our early alpha demo of Stereum 2.0. at the Staking Gathering:
You guys are really open-minded, cool and we want to say thank you for talking to us!

And hoping to pump our proposal a little:
If you got them, ask them, we will get back to any questions here - whatever you want to know about the grant, us or our work (current, future and past).
We obviously can’t answer everything (please don’t ask me about magnets), but we will try to :slightly_smiling_face:


As someone who wants to run a rocketpool node but not being a linux person a little scared to jump in the waters, it sounds to me like this would be a good for me.

I do hope Rocketpool and Stereum collaborate on this.

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I feel the share of NO using Allnodes speaks for itself. Many people do not feel comfortable using the CLI and want a GUI option.

This will support the mission of Rocket Pool to decentralize node operation and further distinguish our protocol from the likes of Lido and institutional staking.

Thus I feel this should become a priority as soon as work supporting the merge is complete.