[Grants] Stakeall Finance - Auto compound rETH/WETH Vault strategy

Who is Stakeall Finance?

  • Stakeall Finance is a fully decentralised non custodial DeFi platform focused on building DeFi strategies.

  • Our DeFi strategies are basically a single click transaction for a user, while all the heavy lifting is abstracted and handled by stakeall contracts offering a seamless user experience.

  • We launched on mainnet with a set of strategies, which can be read in detail here. To try out our strategies click here.

  • We then launched the Liquid Staking Shuttle for Lido on Polygon, which simply batches and moves users MATIC from L2(polygon) to L1(Ethereum), stakes it and distributes stMATIC to the users on L2, making use of the Polygon’s POS bridge.

    Audit Reports

    Core strategies contracts | Shuttle contracts.

    Project Links

    Github | Website | dApp

    Social Links

    Twitter | Discord | Telegram

Why are we here?

What the strategy does?

  • Accepts the users ETH deposits and transfers vault tokens representing their share in the vault.

  • Periodically, stakes a portion from the accumulated ETH deposits to rocketDepositPool for rETH and add them as liquidity to the balancer’s rETH/WETH pool proportionally resulting in zero price impact.

  • Stake the received BPT’s to the rewards gauge to earn BAL and other incentive tokens. And periodically harvest and reinvest them as liquidity back into the pool by swapping them on DEX’s and thus auto compound increasing the vault’s position as a liquidity provider increasing the yield.

  • The process for withdrawing from the strategy would be based on the value of vault tokens returned at the time of withdrawal and would flow through one of the following,

    1. If there is enough ETH accumulated from the user deposits which is yet to be added as liquidity, the vault will transfer the required amount to the user.

    2. Else, the corresponding amount will be returned from the pool by removing liquidity.

What’s in it for me as a user?

  • I have to deal only with two transactions.

    1. Depositing to the strategy.
    2. Withdrawing from the strategy.
  • Yet, behind the scenes i’m participating in the following

    • ETH liquid staking.
    • Liquidity providing.
    • Trading on a DEX.

    which are being abstracted and providing me a better user experience.

  • The transaction costs are pooled among a set of users.

Why is this important for RP?

  • Increased TVL, since the strategy stakes ETH to rocketPool.
  • Increased rETH liquidity.

Estimated Cost

  • A grant of $20,000 is being requested for the development, testing, auditing and deployment work of the proposed strategy.

Could you compare with Beefy? (Beefy Finance)

Seems like their offering already exists and also gets AURA rewards.

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