Guide: Rocket Pool DeFi - How to benefit from providing rETH & RPL Liquidity:

Hi All,

This is a post to gather feedback from the community on what information, guides, and content should be displayed and made available on

Thanks to @Uisce for getting this concept started in 2022 with this post and guides to benefit from providing rETH in DeFi markets. @Val then updated this post with a Google doc guide with a tiny URL link. I picked up this job from Val and updated the google document, gave it a .com address ( and now am looking for input on how to further upgrade the document into a hub for Rocket Pool Defi education and content.

From my point of view, it would be great for RPL DeFi to be like a portal & hub of videos, guides, and news/market rates to help anyone take advantage of the Rocket Pool communities’ defi opportunities.

Right now data is all over the place (RocketScan, Dune, Etherscan) and communities are disbursed across Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and the different internet sources ( News outlets, Messari, Bankless, etc. via blog posts & videos). What I learned in the university delegate program is that a central hub location for people to find information and connect you to different parts of the Rocket Pool ecosystem could be helpful. This is just my point of view and that is why I’m creating this post to gether more feedback from others in the community.

Questions to consider?

  • What DeFi content related to Rocket Pool would you like to know and have easy access to?

  • What types of Rocket Pool DeFi content do you prefer (text, video, podcast) in a ranking of 1,2,3 with #1 as most important?

  • Guides - Any references for examples of “quality” guides that you like and would like to have a similar guide created for a Rocket Pool DeFi strategy (ex. Gamma Swap rETH/wETH)?

The status of right now is to have bi-weekly text updates with the best DeFi opportunities.

Recently videos have been added here on the StakeRocketPool youtube account. What’s ahead depends on what the community sees the most value in.

Thanks for your time and input.

I’m totally not into providing liquidity etc.
But I feel very strongly about the following point:

It’s text > video > podcast for me, while strongly favoring text.

Look, I also sometimes like to watch a video to learn about something completely new. But if I search for a specific information and you give me a video, I’ll murder you.

I think IGN does this well with their game reviews. They write their review and then have the writer read it aloud for the video where they also show some gameplay.
So if I want to just get the whole review, I can watch it, getting the written information with additional gameplay footage. But if I just wanna know for example if there’s a good multiplayer, I can search their text.

So whatever medium it is, I need to be able to alternatively read it!


Text > video > podcast - makes sense. Providing all of it even better.

Great feedback on the IGN gam review reference. A DeFi review would then encompass 1) write summary and guide to participate 2) audio of this text and 3) short video footage or gifs walking through the steps to help you evaluate the strategy. Yeah?

I plan to stay alive and focus on written text for each summary too. Cheers

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