Honorary Rocket Scientist of the Month

Preface to Idea: Invis and Ethereanbull have brought to my attention that this could sound like I’m saying to honor a Rocket Scientist. They are great people, but this is about regular community members being recognized as if they were RS.

Idea: Although I think this is a great idea. Maybe one of the best ones ever to have come up. It does have a major flaw. Still putting it here for people to mull over.

Honorary Rocket Scientist of the Month

Each month, someone from the community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty gets named by (team/pdao?) as the HRS of the Month. They get 1/(RS+1) share of oDAO rewards for that period and perhaps a discord color.

It doesn’t really have to come from the Rocket Scientists’ oDAO rewards, it could be a pDAO or GMC payout. It just means they get an amount as if they were an RS.

The benefits are pretty obvious, first and foremost, motivation for the entire community.

The major flaw is that every month that person would have to be chosen. That means someone, every month, has to pick who it would be and that could become tedious, as well as, potentially making [community - 1] people mad.

Pass the torch style and no repeats ever?

Maybe, yeah. For maximum community coverage.