How to withdraw ETH to a wallet and exit staking

I am trying to unstake and withdraw my ETH, but I haven’t found good documentation on it:

I tried the exit switch, but it gave me a nasty warning saying I wouldn’t get anything back until after the merge. Any direction would be helpful

rocketpool minipool exit

Please select a minipool to exit: 1: All available minipools 2:
xxxxxxxxx 1

WARNING You are about to exit your minipool, which will tell its validator to stop all activities on the Beacon Chain. You will no longer receive any rewards or penalties, but your validator’s balance will be LOCKED on the Beacon Chain! You will NOT have access to your ETH until after the ETH1-ETH2 merge, when withdrawals are implemented!

Are you sure you want to exit 1 minipool(s)? This action cannot be undone! [y/n] n


The warning it gives is correct. Ethereum has not yet implemented validator withdrawals and it won’t be included until sometime (months) after the merge (now roughly scheduled for mid-September) .

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your ETH out before then, nothing that Rocket Pool can do about it.