I think I have made a wrong transfer

I am a newbie with cryptocurrencies and I think I have made a wrong transfer.
My ethereum account is 0x87756f74FF25Fc231336d03F54F2c848A2E39895.
I have made the transfer of the rETH tokens I owned, I think incorrectly. The transaction is as follows: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x9a1e9b533966e139b3629f7fa507b8f62f6b0c6151eaa7235636baf1c8856a9a
Does the 0x000083c9d07edf161a2fb774eeff5bf8c5f00000 account really belong to RocketPool?
Have I lost my tokens?


This address does not belong to any Rocket Pool contract, unfortunately it appears to be one associated with phishing attacks. These often take the form of fraudulent websites which attempt to appear official.

I am very sorry but the transferred tokens are unrecoverable.

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