IMC 2022/9/1-2022/9/29 report

Hi All!

As IMC treasurer, I’m supposted to publish prospective budgets, and retrospective reports on each period. This is the first retrospective report.

To follow along, please look at the dashboard at Shoutouts to:

So. How are we looking?

  • We saw a ~doubling in the order size you can place with a 1% impact (about 5265 ETH at the end of the period). This is, imo, the most critical metric for us to track.
  • Total liquidity has gone from 14.4k to 21.3k at the end of the period, with the vast majority of the gains coming on balancer, where we’ve been incentivizing
  • We saw some improvement in our peg early, then since the merge hit our market rate has been tracking the burn/mint rate very closely. Good stuff.
  • We significantly underspent our budget by about 2k RPL. This is because we didn’t get a concentrated liquidity trial off the ground, nor did we get to do any co-incentives as we’d hoped.
  • Just to set expectations: do not expect changes this big next period – we are going to be largely maintaining with little additions or variations.

If you want full details, down to transaction hashes, head to the “1 - actual” tab in IMC tracking - Google Sheets