IMC Nominee conflict statements

Hi all,

In support of the upcoming vote for the Incentive Management Committee membership (the multisig that will manage liquidity incentives), we collected conflict statements from each nominee.

Please feel free to ask nominees further questions if desired.

RP Team 1 and RP Team 2 will be addresses selected by @langers. I did not ask for a conflict statement from the team.

@jasperthegovghost (discord: jasper_the_friendly_ghost#7591)

I get paid 9 Rpl every other week by the team. RPL, rETH, ETH, and USDC are my only major holdings. I have a variety of 1% allocations including a small SWISE and LDO position. My day life is in medicine so there is no conflict there.

@Marceau (discord: Marcea#9498)

None from me. My only positions are ETH and RPL and I have no conflicts that might sway one way or the other. I’d only seek to use the liquidity incentives in the most effective and capital efficient way regardless of platform.

@Valdorff (discord: Val#5027)

No significant conflicts. ETH/RPL each make up roughly 45% of my crypto assets, including just about all of my assets in the Ethereum ecosystem. I have small amounts in bitcoin, solana, avalanche and cosmos ecosystem coins. I work as an engineer in the IoT space, and have no family or irl-friends working in crypto insofar as I know.

@rhettshipp (discord: rhett#7084)

I own ETH, no RPL currently. ETH accounts for the majority of my investment holdings.

I work as a senior defi specialist at wave financial. That involves managing defi strategies in our stablecoin yield fund, but also designing individualized defi strategies for specific clients and doing defi as a service for clients as well. This includes borrowing on behalf of clients against their eth using defi protocols. Most importantly it includes individualized ETH yield strategies for several of our clients. We’d likely be users of the pools that incentives are channeled toward, for example.

I’m also working to build Gravity, a LSD focused lending protocol, specifically looking to benefit rocket pool and rETH holders. Some of the v2 features will likely channel assets toward incentivized pools. We’re not planning to have a token at launch, but when we do launch the token incentives will be channeled at this same liquidity problem. I think the liquidity problem is the major bottleneck for both rocket pool and gravity.

@Uisce (discord: uisce.eth#7707

No conflicts that I am aware of, ETH/rETH/RPL are the majority of my ETH-related holdings, I have a small AAVE position in the AAVE Balancer Pool that may in future receive incidental amounts of BAL rewards but currently hold no DEX-related token positions.

@DaserDog (discord: DaserDog.eth#2764)

I don’t believe I have any conflicts of interest professionally (I research lasers). My token holdings related to CEX or liquidity-related protocols is a tiny amount of VELO, a tinier amount of OHM (related: pro bonds), and some LQTY (related: potentially chicken-bonds, tbd); combined these only make up 1% of my crypto allocation whereas RPL makes up 64%. To my knowledge, the only involvement of real-life acquaintances with crypto is some BTC holdings.

@Denum.eth (discord: Denum.eth#3446)

No conflicts that I’m aware of. I work at a investment bank, specializing in managing private equity funds involving legal setup, valuations of underlying deals, tax structures, and financial/regulatory reporting . As a CPA, hold myself to a fiduciary duty in all undertakings. 10% BTC/59% Eth/30% RPL. Hold a very small amount of uni/link/op/matic.