IMC Period 4 Report

  • Didn’t get PoL done, but actually made progress
    • Cowswap limit orders make buying a lot less painful - I expect the rest of the buying to go in smoothly and soon
    • Then gotta figure out the uniswap bit, which I might’ve figured out in the past and forgot haha
  • Loopring coincentive - we realized there wasn’t enough volume and thus incentive to be worth matching. The IMC offered a small consolation prize to give out, but the Loopring team didn’t think it was worth distributing at that size.
  • Can’t do Arbitrum yet because rate provider still missing
  • The premium continues to be a pain in the butt. Not much to report - it’s hovering a little above 2% most of the time although it briefly went below for a bit. We are likely to continue exploring tightening the budget to operate in a better liquidity region.
  • We got our first real uptick in mainnet liquidity that we’ve seen for a while. This might slightly be related to premium decrease? Optimism liquidity also improved a bit.