Interested in ETH staking with Metamask, newbie questions

i wanted to stake couple of ETH and found about this Rocket Pool at ethereum dot org/en/staking/pools/#explore-staking-pools

After some time I have found Staking Directly via Rocket Pool | Rocket Pool where i can switch to tab “Preparing on the Ethereum Mainnet” it describes on how to add rETH token to my Metamask wallet and how to use to stake by connect to my wallet.

It is quite complicated, i was hoping to stake more simply without using/trusting any centralized website like stake.rocketpool dot net

Some unanswered questions:

  1. why should i trust that centralized site to connect my wallet?
  2. how i will unstake (inside Metamask?) if this centralized site is offline and in case i can unstake, then how can I also stake without this site?
  3. is it worth risking ETH for like 3.5% return while rETH is not risk free? (see beincrypto dot com/learn/rocket-pool-staking/#h-ethereum-staking , paragraph “Are there risks in staking with Rocket Pool?”
  4. app.uniswap dot org/#/swap returns “1 rETH = 1.03619 ETH” while this site returns “1 rETH = 1.06891 ETH (≈0.26% Premium)” so it means that i can get almost 3% more with Rocket pool and less with UniSwap?

Thank you

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1 - is run by the core RP dev team, but also you can look at what contract is actually being interacted with
2 - in the end the only thing that matters is going from ETH to rETH to stake; this can be on, on uniswap wherever. Unstaking can do the same but going back to ETH from rETH.
3 - It’s been around 4.7% since the merge. Whether the risk is worth it is a question for yourself. Most folks on the RP forum will probably tell you rETH makes sense cuz otherwise we wouldn’t be here :stuck_out_tongue:
4 - I’m seeing 1.06917 on uniswap; are you sure you’re trading for rETH (this address)