Introducing OpenUX's survey findings report on Rocket Pool node operator UX

Excited to share with you the milestone of the research project conducted by OpenUX, made possible through the grant awarded to us for exploring the user experience of Rocket Pool node operators (if you don’t know this project, you can get the full context through this -link-).

In October we published a community survey, which received 88 complete responses, these were the foundation for recruiting for in-depth user interviews, but we’ve also gathered some insights from the survey data.

It’s important to note that our findings are suggestive and not confirmed by statistical methods. They are intended to offer guiding insights rather than definitive proof. This data will be further analyzed and contextualized in the final report where it will be reported together with insights from the user interviews.

As we continue our research until the end of 2023, we invite the Rocket Pool community to engage in a discussion based on these findings. Your feedback, experiences, and ideas are invaluable to us and will help shape the final report, which aims to provide actionable recommendations for enhancing the Rocket Pool node operator experience.

You can access a pdf version of the report through this -link-.

Please share your thoughts and questions =]


Really cool stuff! I would’ve guessed most (but confirmation is nice), but some bits surprised me. The group is even more technical than I thought, and the RPL staking question was very interesting.

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The group is quite technical indeed. That said, after having done a bunch of the interviews already I’ve only come across 1-2 people who did have to learn some new concepts, whether setting up Linux, network security or separation between consensus & execution clients. Even most technical users had to spend a bunch of time getting their head around more than one such new concepts. Will elaborate more on this in the final report!