Invis Reinstatement Request

Personally, I would like to see invis reinstated to the Rocket Pool discord server as soon as possible. I understand it is a core team decision and respect their lead, but in my opinion the ban has served its purpose as:

  1. A deterrent to others
  2. A necessary punitive action
  3. A signal to the community and prospective participants that the incident was taken seriously

As someone who agreed with the initial ban, I base my current decision on the following:

  1. The apology letter
  2. Invis continuing to build for the Rocket Pool community, showing that he remains committed to making this project succeed

Further banishment, I feel, no longer serves a purpose in achieving any goal for the protocol or community.

Sir Dr. Doofus MD PhD DDS MBA PharmD JD Esquire III


Let me add some commentary and second the above appeal request. In the original announcement (link), the team stated that the individual would be banned from Discord for one year, but this decision would be open to appeal should three conditions be met:

(1) they take responsibility for their actions,
(2) apologize to the node operator, AND
(3) promise to take proper procedures for reporting issues with the protocol in the future.

I believe that all three conditions have been met by the individual in their apology letter (link) , and I personally agree with OP’s points. I look forward to learning from others’ viewpoints, especially on the contrary.

Respectfully, Ken


I also support the appeal. Invis was and still is a valuable community member. He is not a malicious actor but a person that had a lapse of judgment (which happens to the best of us) for which he appologized.
His ban no longer serves any purpose imo.


I agree that the continued ban serves no purpose.

I would prefer a focus on rehabilitation and restoring community trust over punishment. As Ken points out, Invis took appropriate responsibility and committed to improvement. He has also shown a willingness to continue building in service of the protocol, with Rocket Watch updates ongoing to support Atlas and other community needs, even as Invis himself is unable to participate in the discord community.

I don’t believe continued punishment will foster more growth in Invis or help the Ethereum community at large trust RP more.

I guess we’re signing these, Val





Agree with this. The effects of the dusting have long since past. Mr Dave, tear down this wall.


I am delighted to have learned from Dave and Invis that based on Invis’s published apology and the communities input and advocacy, the team has decided to reduce Invis’s restriction from the server from 12m to 3m. By my calculation, Invis should be able to join us in #trading to celebrate Star Wars Day!

Thank you all to those that have taken time to share your perspectives on this matter. I’m sharing this news with the community with the consent of Dave and Invis.


Happy to have invis coming back!

Agree with OP. Invis deserves to be welcomed back.

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