July 2023 Grants/Bounties/Retrospective Awards Round Results

Hello everyone! We have concluded discussions and scoring for the July 2023 Grants/Bounties/RA Award Round. I’m happy to announce the following award winners. For those who did not receive an award, please note that applicants are welcome to re-apply. Given the likely passage of RPIP-26, the next cycle is likely to start September 1.

This post also begins the fourteen-day clock during which, according to RPIP-15, “[a]nyone MAY file an RPIP disputing a grant, bounty, or retrospective award within two weeks of the announcement of recipients. Such an RPIP SHALL be subject to a snapshot vote.” Any awards not subject to such a challenge will become official on Aug 15 at 23:59 UTC.

Proposal Scoring Process

Awards were denominated in USD for the purposes of committee discussions and voting on finalized award amounts. Awards were then converted to RPL at the current ratio ($30/RPL) as of shortly before this posting (and then rounded up to the nearest RPL).

Awards, Average Overall Scores, and Feedback

Below is the list of award recipients, along with any specific information on the payout structure, the acceptance criteria (for grants), and any other notes that the committee wished to have as part of the official documentation for the decision. The average score - from 1 to 15 for grants and bounties and 1 to 5 for retrospective awards - is also listed. You can also find this in Google Sheets here . That Google Sheet also contains anonymized feedback from committee members to the applicants/community for each submission. mentor.eth and [object Object] did not score but they were a part of the video discussions. Kevster.eth did not score and recently vacated his GMC seat.

Number Proposer Title Awarded? Amount (RPL - RPL at $30/RPL) Amount (USD) Pay structure Other Acceptance Criteria Average score
GA032301 polarpunklabs Rocket Pool Case Study Yes 100 $3,000 $3,000 (100 RPL) up front Upon receipt 12.25
GA032302 Patches Renewal: Rescue Node Yes 180 $5,400 $900 (30 RPL) a month / 6 months Verification of upkeep 15.00
GA032304 ShfRyn ShfRyn’s POAPs Yes 100 $3,000 $500 (16.67 RPL) a month / 6 months Monthly report of POAP designed and delivered 12.25
GA032306 jasper Twitter Spaces Yes 108 $3,240 $540 (18 RPL) a month / 6 months 13~16 Twitter Space of approximately 1-2 hrs length 10.75
GA032307 Waq Rocket Fuel Yes 1200 $36,000 $6,000 (200 RPL) a month / 6 months Verification of regular episodes 13.00
GA032308 Dr Doofus Rocket Pool University Yes 300 $9,000 $9,000 (300 RPL) upon completion Functional website with at least one course that has been tested by GMC 13.00
GA032309 Sleety Rocket Pool Animations Yes 250 $7,500 $1,250 (41.67 RPL) a month / 6 months Verification of animation threads posted 11.50
GA032310 ramana & lutro StakingPond Yes 350 $10,500 $7,500 (250 RPL) + $3,000 (100 RPL) for stretch goals Verfication all features proposed are working 9.25
GA032311 ramana & lutro RocketProof V2 Yes 66.67 $2,000 $2,000 (66.67 RPL) upon completion Consensus confirmation by GMC 11.33
GA032313 Pat The Weekly Orbit Yes 234 $7,020 $1,170 (39 RPL) a month / 6 months Verification of regular episodes 11.00
GA032316 Ken Twitter Spaces Yes 108 $3,240 $540 (18 RPL) a month / 6 months 13~16 Twitter Space of approximately 1-2 hrs length 10.75
BA032303 Valdorff Update RP documentation / website Yes 33.34 $1,000 $1000 (33.34 RPL) upon completion 14.6
BA032304 Valdorff MEV Theft Reporting Yes 583.34 $17,500 $15000 - $20000 (plus 2000 for additional relays, plus 5000 for non-technical dashboard 11.4
BA032305 Valdorff Bounty Writing Yes 3 $90 $90 (3 RPL) per bounty submission 14.2
RA032301 dmccartney Rocket Sweep Yes 33.34 $1,000 13.3
RA032302 ramana rETH Slippage for IMC Yes 41.67 $1,250 13.4
RA032303 Valdorff Governance Facilitation Yes 76.67 $2,300 14.8
RA032304 Valdorff IMC Work Yes 170 $5,130 14.8
RA032306 invis RocketWatch Part 2 Yes 1333.34 $40,000 14.6
RA032307 Pat and Waq The Weekly Orbit Yes 108 $3,240 12.25
GA032303 LIBC Rocket Split No Team is working on things that would make this obsolete 11.25
GA032305 Valdorff GMC_lite fund No This was mainly denied due to feasibility, should develop other ideas for this 9
GA032312 peteris RocketScan Node UI No N/A
GA032314 zahary (DendrETH) DendrETH: trustless oracle No 8.67
GA032315 lutro rpUSD - Liquity Fork No 11
BA032301 Valdorff Watchtower Disolver for any NO No 9.4
BA032302 Valdorff Dissolve a minipool No Kane’s proposal is preferred 9.2
RA032305 Karma Delegate Dashboard No There’s potential here, community should make requests to customize this for our goals 9.8
Final Vote

After numerous discussions on the individual submissions, the committee voted on the slate as a whole. The final vote was 7 in favor, 0 opposed, and with relevant abstentions for conflicts of interest from Ken (all grants), and waqwaqattack (all grants). mentor.eth did not vote on the final slate of awards, but he was a part of the video discussions. anisoptera.eth joined the GMC after most of the scoring and discussions were wrapped up.

Delegate Dashboard

I am interested in finding effective means to engage the community further in the development of dashboards such as this, ensuring it caters to their needs. Although we sought feedback last month through the DAO forum and Discord, it did not yield sufficient inputs for transforming the dashboard into a viable substitute for delegates.rocketpool.net. I’d like to identify additional approaches to actively involve the community, particularly when it involves replacing an existing system.

Larger Grant Awards

A recurring talking point was on whether the GMC should assume the responsibility of funding what could be considered full-time positions. Rocket Fuel’s acceptance was based on the evidence provided showcasing its significant contribution to the community. The GMC acknowledges the need for further deliberation and development on the precedent when considering grants of such substantial magnitude.

Additional Comments

In this round, there was a notable increase in the amount of feedback collected, but the discussion around the reevaluation of award amounts was comparatively limited.

With the likely passing of RPIP-26, this wraps up the last award cycle that will be structured this way. The new cycle will allow open applications and a negotiation window which will hopefully fix a lot of the weaknesses in the current system.


Why is there no score for GA032312?

I believe the committee members did not score on this grant due to concerns about the requested amount. They suggested that a different structure or breaking it up into smaller amounts might be more favorable. If you’re interested, I’d be pleased to arrange a discussion with you and the GMC on Discord to explore how we can improve the grant’s structure for the next cycle.

Can you speak to BA032301 and BA032302? I have seen no proposal from @kane that would address this. Looked in #research and latest contributions were around pDAO voting on-chain and megapools. Is there something concrete here?

I do not consider “people can do this if they want to” sufficient, even if code is available for it. Our protocol cannot depend on kindliness.

I think we should be moving towards removing this duty.

If there’s a redundancy with another way to remove the duty - fair enough - please point me to something along those lines.

Amazing news! I am excited to work on my case study with your guys.