Karma delegation dashboard

We are excited to release Karma’s delegation dashboard for Rocketpool. You can access the dashboard here:

As a delegate you can:

  • See your voting activity, stats and forum activity (once you link your forum handle).
  • Login to the dashboard and update your statement about yourself and why you want to be a delegate and link your social handles.

The dashboard gives visibility into contributor activity across Voting systems and forum.

As a Token holder you can:

  • Filter contributors by various criteria and timeframe.
  • Find the right candidate and delegate tokens/assign voting power right directly from the dashboard instead of going to Snapshot.

The dashboard can easily be pointed to any subdomain like delegate.rocketpool.net as well. If you have any request to make this dashboard more valuable to the RocketPool community, please let me know!

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Could you ignore test proposal vote and spelling vote? They aren’t actually governance.

Sure can! We just updated, the voting pct will update tomorrow.