Kraken listing application

You can email us all the details of your project to (only a developer or project team member may use this email).

Make sure to give us as much information as possible about your project.

Should we ask the team to get in touch with Kraken about listing RPL and/or rETH?

Could anyone prepare a pitch with all the details to send to Kraken?

I don’t think trying to get listed on Kraken should be a priority for the team but they could spare a few minutes if there’s a pitch that they can easily copy&paste.


I’m against listing rETH on exchanges before the low collateral minipool upgrade or until there’s “enough” liquidity in DeFi already.

Having a CEX with low liquidity might make rETH look bad for being too volatile compared to ETH with big orders

If we list on Coinbase we should apply for the same on Kraken. I support.

Also supportive of requesting info on Kraken listings. Quality DEX listings help both in token liquidity and on the marketing front with more eyes and for some, an increased sense of legitimacy.

For now, I’d suggest just RPL. I worry about rETH moving too much from speculation. RPL might move a lot too, but that doesn’t much affect our ecosystem (deposit pool, ability to start new minipools, etc).

I support listing on kraken, as well as Coinbase. I think it’s important to make it as easy as possible to get rpl and reth.

I support listing RPL on Kraken. I would hold off on rETH though.

RPL on kraken could be good, more liquidity is always welcome

Sharing that trading for RPL went live on Kraken end Sept: Trading for C98, GAL, RPL, STG and SYN starts September 29 - Deposit Now! - Kraken Blog

It notes that trading via Kraken App and Instant Buy will be available once the liquidity conditions are met

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