L2 rETH integrations

As someone who likes to do a little airdrop farming, simple swaps on Layer 2s to rETH help me both stake and do transactions. I’ve been buying rETH on zksync for example. It’s on Base as well. Other networks that I think could use it are Linea, Scroll and Starknet (it may be on there but I’m not sure). Wsteth is on all these networks and for others who are thinking like I am they would prefer not to go with that option. Additionally on starknet they have the ability to batch transactions to buy wsteth on L1 in the Braavos wallet. That would be a great feature if we could get that implemented for rETH.

If we can create some incentives to get rETH onto these layer 2s it may be beneficial for the protocol as a whole.

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